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Wood Burning Stoves

There’s nothing like the warmth and scent of a wood burning stove. Memories of coming home chilled to the bone from sledding and huddling by the stove with hot cocoa remain long after children grow into adults. Wood stoves are both utilitarian and the focal point of a room – the place where people gather to share stories from their day.

Types of Wood Stoves

And when the first manufactured cast-iron stove was produced in Lynn, Massachusetts, in 1642, people who huddled around it for warmth couldn’t dream of wood stoves like we have in the 21st century.

Now words like “catalytic” and “non-catalytic” are used to describe the process for heating combustion.

Although most of the wood stoves available are non-catalytic, there are catalytic stoves on the market, as well. Because they’re slightly more “hands on,” catalytic stoves are a better fit for people who enjoy tinkering with gadgets and technology.

Benefits of Wood Stoves

However, non-catalytic stoves tend to be easier to operate and can have lower maintenance costs.

Typically both types of stoves have large viewing glass which are kept clear and clean by a built in air wash, which makes the fire clear as a bell – without having to use harsh cleansers.

Also, with E.P.A. certification, wood stoves burn cleaner than ever before and are environmentally friendly as well.

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