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Wood Burning Stoves

There’s nothing like the warmth and scent of a wood burning stove. Memories of coming home chilled to the bone from sledding and huddling by the stove with hot cocoa remain long after children grow into adults. Wood stoves are both utilitarian and the focal point of a room – the place where people gather to share stories from their day.

Types of Wood Stoves

Soap Stone

Soapstone is natural metamorphic rock that can withstand extreme heat and is an excellent material for wood stoves. The composition of soapstone is remarkably stable and is able to hold up against direct flames and dramatic shifts in temperature. For centuries, soapstone has been recognized for an excellent heat retention.

Cast Iron

Cast iron wood stoves can withstand dramatic temperature ranges and enjoy longer burn times compared to other units. These wood burning stoves naturally conduct heat from giving them the ability to disperse heat more simply.


Steel has also been used on producing wood stoves for many years. Steel stoves are much easier to manufacture and material costs are generally less than cast iron. The new steel stoves are very efficient and clean burning. Recent developments in the manufacturing process has enabled the steel stove manufacturer to make his stove very decorative.

Benefits of Wood Stoves

However, non-catalytic stoves tend to be easier to operate and can have lower maintenance costs.

Typically both types of stoves have large viewing glass which are kept clear and clean by a built in air wash, which makes the fire clear as a bell – without having to use harsh cleansers.

Also, with E.P.A. certification, wood stoves burn cleaner than ever before and are environmentally friendly as well.

Below are manufacturers that you can find at the Chimney Sweep. Peruse the different links to see the options available.

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