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Our Service Department

Over the years, the increase in demand for gas appliances has kept our service department hard at work. Early on, we were occasionally solving wood stove problems, but quickly found we needed to have certified gas service technicians available for our customers. At first we contracted this service to an outside company, but it soon became apparent that we needed to invest in our own trained, certified technicians. With a heavy duty commercial van stocked with an array of common parts, we sent them out to service our customers. This was such a success that we now have three fully certified technicians working full time, in addition to our installation crews who are certified and can troubleshoot some common issues as well.

Our Expert Professionals

Our service and installation employees are appropriately trained in the inspection, installation, and service of Propane (LP) or Natural Gas systems, and are certified under the Vermont Fire and Building Safety Code. Certification involves training on nationally recognized safety codes for protection from the risk of fire, explosion and carbon monoxide poisoning.

NOTE: When calling in for Service, Parts, or Repairs, please ask for the Service Department to be transferred right away.

NOTE: Despite our name, we do not provide chimney sweeping/cleaning services. Please refer to one of these other Vermont companies for your needs.

Please provide the following before contacting the service department: Product, Product Model Number & Serial Number
It is time for Annual Safety Inspections as recommended by AGA and your appliance manufacture
  • Inspect: Pilot, burner, blowers, safety and control devices
  • Clean out unit and glass
  • Make any necessary adjustments
  • Inspect venting system
  • Test for presence of carbon monoxide
  • Check all seals, gaskets, and pressures
  • Perform operational tests
$129 if you Annual Safety Inspection is performed by the end of August, and you pay as the time of service.
Call the Service Department at (802) 985 – 4900 ext. #3 to schedule yours today!
The revised Vermont Fire and Building Safety Code requires all fuel fired hearing appliances in
the public buildings to be inspected at least every 2 years by a certified heating fuel technician.
The Fire Code also requires signage on public buildings with sidewall vents that are less than
seven feet above grade.

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