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Upgrade Your Old Stove for a New High Efficiency Clean Burning Stove

Pellet Stove Advantages

Pellet stoves have many advantages over other types of heating sources. They tend to be smaller than other stoves and don’t require much space for fuel storage. In fact, the bags of pellets are usually comparable to a good size bag of mulch – which makes them perfect for small houses where space is at a premium.

Also, the pellets themselves are environmentally friendly because they’re made from recycled materials. The environmental impact is further lessened, because they put out less pollutants than traditional wood burning stoves. The recycled matter that comprises the pellets are heavily compressed which makes them dryer than wood. Less moisture equals more heat, which helps the pellets to burn hotter and cleaner than other types of fuel.

Economical and Programmable

Not only are the pellets for the stoves easy on homes with limited space, they’re also easy on the wallet.

Because people can buy the pellets as they need them, there’s no initially large fuel investment when the weather turns colder.

Pellet stoves are also programmable and they burn fuel at an even rate – which helps temperatures to remain consistent during winter months, when a consistent warm temperature is something everyone craves.

These are pellet store manufacturers that you can find at the Chimney Sweep. Peruse the different links to see the options available.

Introduce Warmth and Comfort to Your Home!