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Upgrade Your Old Stove for a New High Efficiency Clean Burning Stove

Pellets are Clean and Easy to Use

Pellets are easy to store, made from recycled materials, and use far less storage space than wood. They burn hotter, create less ash and pollution than wood. Pellet inserts burn evenly at consistent temperatures by using thermostats. Using one is as easy as pouring in a bag of pellets, and igniting the flame.

Benefits of Pellet Fireplace Inserts

Pellets are environmentally friendly and release less pollutants into the atmosphere. You can also buy them as you need them so you are can budget ahead and don’t need storage space. Pellet inserts are also programmable so you can set them to burn at a desired pace and keep an optimum temperature.

Use Our Chart to Measure Your Fireplace

Introduce Warmth and Comfort to Your Home!