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Your Source for Factory Seconds in Shelburne, VT

When you need a stove but you can’t afford to purchase a brand-new model, factory seconds are an excellent alternative. You get all the benefits of a gas or wood-burning stove without paying full price. The Chimney Sweep Shop prides itself on its factory seconds. These are tremendous bargains that allow customers to obtain top-of-the-line heating units at a price that won’t break their budget.

What are Factory Seconds?

The term “factory second” is misleading. When some people hear it, they immediately picture a product that is seriously damaged or of lower quality. While there are some differences between factory seconds and a new stove or fireplace, they aren’t as drastic as you might think. A factory second is a product that has minor chipping in enamel or minor scratches in paint. Other than some insignificant surface imperfections, there is little difference between a new model and a factory second. In fact, if we weren’t upfront about the chipped enamel and other cosmetic issues, you likely would never know you weren’t buying new. We are happy to pass the savings on to you with these like-new stoves.

Constantly Changing Inventory

These like-new stoves are available from the Chimney Sweep Shop year-round. Due to the nature of factory seconds, we never know what we are going to be getting or how many will be available, which means you want to check back often. Word travels fast on deals like these. You don’t want to miss out on a limited-time opportunity to add warmth and style to your home at a greatly reduced price.

Factory Seconds Meet Factory Specifications

Factory seconds come with everything you would expect from a newer model. All of our stoves, fireplaces, and inserts meet factory performance specifications, which mean they are safe and dependable. In case there are any issues, you have the peace of mind that comes with a standard factory warranty. Just because you are paying less doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to the same guarantees that come with buying a brand-new stove or fireplace.

Factory Seconds are Available at all Locations

Most of our factory seconds can be found at our Shelburne, VT, location; however, some deals may also be available at our Barre and Plattsburgh stores. The easiest way to shop for factory seconds is to check out our

website often to see what’s in stock, and then call your nearby store for details. Our staff is always happy to answer your questions. Even if you have to make a drive, it’s well worth your time to take advantage of our factory second deals.

Year-Round Savings

Factory seconds help account for the growing popularity of our annual tent sale. This event is held each August and attracts customers from all over the area. The good news is you don’t have to wait for this once-a-year sale to find unbeatable deals on stoves and fireplaces. Factory seconds are available year-round at the Chimney Sweep Shop.

Introduce Warmth and Comfort to Your Home!