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The Home for Quality Closeouts in Shelburne, VT

Closeouts are a goldmine for consumers. You are getting high-quality products the store or manufacturer wants to get rid of, usually because the line is being discontinued or they need to make room for newer models. The Chimney Sweep Shop works with our vendors to make limited-edition and factory closeout stoves available to our customers whenever possible. It’s just one more way our reputation and vendor relationships can help save you money.

Small Flaws Equal Huge Savings

If you can live with a few minor imperfections, you can often find super deals on closeout stoves. These slight flaws have nothing to do with the actual performance of the stove. Paint and enamel variations are the most common reason some products end up being reduced in price. The savvy consumer is willing to put up with a color that differs from the standard model if it means they get a stove that can heat their home efficiently without paying full price. These closeouts from vendors are a tremendous opportunity to pick up a name-brand stove.

Scan 5-2 Wood Stove

Scan is known for innovation and easy to use stoves. This attractive, front-loading unit generates a toasty 26,500 BTUs. It has soapstone sides and top, which fits almost any decor. A premium stove, the Scan 5-2 would normally cost you close to $6,000. Right now, you can save $1,000, dropping the cost of this beautifully built stove to $4,840. You’ll never find a price any lower on a Scan 5-2 wood stove.

We Stand Behind Our Closeouts

Closeouts aren’t damaged goods. We don’t sell any products that are unsafe or in poor condition. Enamel and paint variations have no effect on the actual operation of the unit. Our service department can answer any questions you may have about your wood-burning or pellet stove.

Fireplace Safety Tips

Whether you are buying a brand-new wood-burning stove or a factory closeout model, there are few things to remember that can keep you and your family safe. Pellet- and wood-burning stoves can heat your home without any issues if you follow a few simple guidelines and exercise common sense.

  • Never remove the safety screen when the fireplace is in operation. This protects your home from sparks and embers, which could ignite a fire.
  • Give the stove or fireplace time to cool down before touching any part of it.
  • Always keep an eye on small children and pets when the stove is in operation and don’t allow them to get too close.
  • Have your stove inspected annually to ensure it is in proper working order.
  • Don’t burn anything but wood or pellets in your stove or fireplace. Certain materials can give off toxic fumes or even explode upon contact with fire.
  • Don’t overload your fireplace or stove. These units have a heating capacity, and if you ignore those guidelines, you can damage your stove or even cause a chimney fire.
  • Keep your stove clean. Don’t allow ash to build up, as this can cause a fire. When removing ash, make sure it has cooled down and won’t ignite other materials when you dispose of it.

Introduce Warmth and Comfort to Your Home!